Parc and Dare Band started out as the Cwmparc Temperance Drum and Fife Band, which was formed in 1893. Later the same year, the band developed into the Cwmparc Silver Band.

Now over one hundred years old, Parc and Dare Band has a rich and proud heritage. A more detailed history of the band can be found here.

Today, Parc and Dare Band is a friendly contesting band, competing in the first section in various contests across Wales. As well as contesting, the band also perform at a number of concerts and events throughout the year.

The 1893 Club

Would you like to help the Parc and Dare Brass Band secure its long-term future? If so, we would like to invite you to join our Patrons Club “The 1893 Club”. For more details on how to join the club, please visit our 1893 club page.